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Michael Parmelee Painting, Inc. has been in business since 1995, providing our clients with professional and cost efficient home repairs and improvements.  Using a common sense approach, we are committed to providing an honest and fair assessment of the repairs or improvements and performing our service at a fair price. Our many years of experience uniquely qualify us to repair your home or business.

Our mission is to keep abreast of industry standards and utilize cutting-edge technology to provide the most cost-efficient services for our clients. We are fully committed to meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations. We will work in our clients' best interests to build positive customer relations by providing timely, effective, and quality work.

We, the owners, managers, and employees of this firm, are proud of our profession and the professionalism we display in the work we perform.

We are licensed and insured.

We are OSHA compliant.

We follow building codes and regulations.

We are committed to our obligation in providing the best possible service to all our customers.

We believe that all our transactions should be fair and honest.

We pledge to avoid any false or misleading representation of our products or services.

We value our place in the community and recognize our responsibilities as local business people.

We value you as our customer, and our promise is quality and professional service!

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Mold Remediation

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Michael Parmelee, President    (734) 216-2033   m.parmelee@comcast.net

Russell Drouillard, VP of Operations    (734) 260-3410   russ.drouillard@comcast.net

Michael Healey, Foreman/Safety Coordinator  (586) 722-8552   mphealey1993@gmail.com

Michael McEntarffer, Foreman/Rental Coordinator   (734) 318-0861   mcentarffer34@yahoo.com

Rick Wells   (734) 833-3552   rick.wells@comcast.net

James Snyder   (517) 219-7568   jsn429@gmail.com

Will Kiefer   (734) 216-2847   willkiefer97@aol.com

Herman Crump   (313) 670-6664   crumpherman@gmail.com

Mark Welsh   (734) 725-1845   mark.welsh011965@gmail.com

Keith Bell   (313) 989-6946   bell.keith@hotmail.com

Wayne Mass   (734) 726-2566   waynemass47@gmail.com

Shane Kelley   (734) 444-2530   shanekelley0216@gmail.com

Christopher Whitman   (734) 216-2034   whitmanca1@gmail.com

Mathew Healey   (586) 303-7041   mathealey2000@gmail.com

Davontae Beasley   (734) 460-1765   DavontaeBeasley2@gmail.com